Here are some of my recent speaking and podcast gigs. Most links include video or audio files.

Clexacon 2017

The Televerse Podcast, Episode 299 – on Supergirl, Season 2

“Stranger in a Strange Land: The Transformative Power of Study Abroad,” Keynote Lecture at Delta Phi Alpha National German Honor Society, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. (writeup)

The Televerse Podcast, Episode 289 – “Allies in the Media” panel at ClexaCon (sorry, but my mic was faulty, so the sound is not great)

“Why Representation Matters” – panel at ClexaCon 2017 (moderator)

“Where Do We Go from Here?: Origins of the ‘Bury Your Gays’ Trope” – presentation / discussion at ClexaCon 2017

“Ethics in Storytelling” – panel at ClexaCon 2017 (panelist)

The Televerse Podcast, Episode 262 – on Wynonna Earp, Season 1