AD2 “Breathe.” Athena’s Daughters, Volume 2. Maggie Allen and Janine K. Spendlove, eds. Washington, DC: Silence in the Library Publishers, 2015.

Elena is a reluctant nun with an unfortunate gift: she can read minds. Oh, and sometimes she can see the future. Precogs like her disappear, and since she was seven she has lived with the knowledge that she may be next. Who are the masked captors, and why do they need precogs? She finds out the hard way, but will she escape to tell the tale?


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“Run.” Kindle Direct Publishing: Forthcoming.

Affiliate Industries runs everything: education, media, prisons, even the military. Alma is a telepath. Emil is a precog. Thanks to Affiliate Management Academy, the two are destined to utilize these gifts in enviable careers with the company. When they make a disturbing discovery about Affiliate’s ties to an underworld of kidnappings and human experimentation, they must run for their lives. And for the life of their unborn child.