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Buffy at 20 – or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Slayer

Buffy series finale, “Chosen,” S7E22

It’s funny to think of Buffy as 20 years old, since it isn’t for me, not exactly. I mean, I became aware of the show at its outset. I had seen the lackluster 1992 movie of the same title a few years before, which had followed in the wake of some pretty hilarious teen satires like The Brady Bunch Movie (Sure, Jan!) and the darkly comedic apotheosis of all 80s teen fare, Heathers. The trailers and the title certainly set it in that light, so my friends and I had high hopes. Unfortunately, the story meandered, and the humor kept its fangs retracted, despite a potentially great cast in Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry, Donald Sutherland, and even Rutger Hauer for god’s sake. We even got a very young Hilary Swank. When I heard this property had been turned into a show, I merely rolled my eyes. Continue reading


The Rollercoaster Descends – Season 3, Episode 5, “Hakeldama”

What this episode lacks in death duels and cute nightgown repartee, it makes up for in important plot advancement. We need that sometimes – like working out or taking gross medicine or eating kale – as much as we don’t actually want it. I’ll do my best to keep things light, despite the less-than-hilarious nature of this episode. I mean, it’s The 100. It’s gonna be dark sometimes. Continue reading


Buckle Up, Y’all – Season 3, Episode 4, “Watch the Thrones”

Well, in case you thought the intensity of Season 3 would slow down, think again. I’m afraid it might have just started, if Ep 4 is any indication. Buckle your seatbelts, friends. Some major skrish is about to go down. That’s Trigedasleng for “shit” incidentally. I will not pretend to not be a ridiculous nerd for this show. It had me at “space station” and “ruined Earth.” The gay stuff has just been really unexpected, delightful icing on the cake. Continue reading


The Bow™ – Season 3, Episode 3, “Ye Who Enter Here”

Well, after last week’s explosive ending, I am so ready for this week. Or am I? Turns out I was totally unprepared. We start where we left off last week, in Polis tower. Clarke stares out the window. Lexa enters. Clarke turns to glare at her, “What part of I won’t see you was unclear?” Continue reading


The Spit™ – Season 3, Episode 2, “Wanheda, Part 2”

This episode begins with Bellamy’s “we were born in space” intro again, so that seems to be a staple for this season. This time I noticed he says, “Our leaders believe that to survive we need to make peace with the Grounders, but peace is a foreign concept here.” This is largely opinion on Bellamy’s part, and I feel like he’s almost definitely speaking based on Pike’s influence on him, which we begin to see this episode. More on that below. Continue reading

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