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Month: May 2017

The Price of Revenge – Wynonna Earp 1×05

In case you’re new, my Wynonna Earp “Countdown to Season 2” watch-along recap spectacular begins here.

We open this time on a dream sequence. Wynonna walks around the homestead wearing a pretty dress. Waverly screams for Willa and appears on the stairwell, points at Wynonna and calls her Willa. Wynonna looks up, sees a hole in the ceiling, stares up at an angry sky. Waverly shouts, “Get them!” Wynonna looks down to see she’s standing among a pile of bones. She insists that she did “get them.” Then another voice, presumably Willa’s says, “not all of them.” Wynonna sees a young Willa wearing the same dress as her own, screams. Continue reading


Sins & Forgiveness – Wynonna Earp 1×04

In case you’re new, my Wynonna Earp “Countdown to Season 2” watch-along recap series begins here.

We begin this installment with Doc telling Wynonna a tale of the last time he saw his best bropal Wyatt Earp.

Flashback – Doc lies sick in bed with some kind of 19th-century coughing pestilence. I presume tuberculosis. Didn’t everybody have that back then? Wyatt comes in saying the two of them are about to pack up and go to Purgatory to see “a corrupted lawman we gotta fix.” Doc has heard the sheriff in Purgatory is “part devil,” but the officer insists “there ain’t no such thing as devils.” Doc decides he’s too sick to fight: “This is farewell, Wyatt.” We’ll later learn that Wyatt does, in fact, believe in devils and already knows he’s being pursued by them.  Continue reading


Collateral Damage – Wynonna Earp 1×03

The Earp Sisters

In case you’re new, my Wynonna Earp “Countdown to Season 2” watch-along recap series begins here.

We begin in Shorty’s. Wynonna helps Waverly carry down some of her stuff from her apartment so they can move into the Homestead together. Wynonna takes a little time to flirt with Doc/Henry. The Earp Sisters still don’t know that he’s Doc Holiday. Wy declares that he appears to be a guy who’s “Running from or looking for something. Seems like you’re just my type.” He plays hard to get. Continue reading


Crazy Chick with a Gun – Wynonna Earp 1×02

“Crazy chick with a gun!”

In case you’re new, my Wynonna Earp Season 1 watch-along recap series begins here.

Episode 2 opens on a typical club scene, a bunch of young women, probably out for a “girls’ night,” conspicuously all blondesi. They’re all sporting cutesy club outfits. Wynonna enters, seemingly the only brunette, not blending into the party at all in her leather biker jacket.

Sidenote: Does a town the size of Purgatory really have a club? If not, where is this club? Because revenants can’t leave Purgatory. Anyway… carry on.

Flash to a scene from “Earlier” – Dolls lectures Wynonna about being discreet when killing revenants, which is what her family has always called the hellspawn that lurk in Purgatory. Dolls insists on calling them demons. He gives Wynonna her very own government-issue demon-whacking gun. She remains skeptical of this firearm, which corresponds to her general suspicion of all things law enforcement. She bets Dolls that it won’t kill the revenants. We already know who’ll win the bet…  Continue reading


“Welcome to Purgatory” – Wynonna Earp 1×01

WELogoNote: This is a reboot of my stalled watch-along recap series, which I’m re-launching as part of the countdown to the premiere of Wynonna Earp Season 2 in early June on SyFy. Apologies to those of you who read the previous version of this post.

As many of my ladyqueer friends and allies may recall, 2016 was, in short, devastatingly awful for TV fans. But thanks to Emily Andras of Lost Girl fame and her SyFy series Wynonna Earp, we did get one sparklingly bright spot. So I (re-)welcome you to this rewatch-recap series. I suggest it as a watchalong as we prepare ourselves for Season 2. I’m also happy to note that all 13 episodes of Season 1 are conveniently available on Netflix, so the show is a lot more accessible than it was when I first attempted this series of posts. Continue reading


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