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The Bow™ – Season 3, Episode 3, “Ye Who Enter Here”

Well, after last week’s explosive ending, I am so ready for this week. Or am I? Turns out I was totally unprepared. We start where we left off last week, in Polis tower. Clarke stares out the window. Lexa enters. Clarke turns to glare at her, “What part of I won’t see you was unclear?”

Lexa: I respected your wishes for a week, Clarke.

She said “Clarke” again. I’m just giddy now. Because I love how she’s always saying “Clarke.” How much chill did Lexa have during this week of Clarke being one floor below her chambers and not going to visit her? My guess is exactly zero chill. I bet Indra had to hear all about it. “Do you think she’d let me see her now? How about now? Or now?”

Lexa offers to return Clarke to her people. Clarke is all, “You went to all that trouble to capture me just to let me go?” Lexa replies, “I went to all that trouble to save you.” BOOM. And there we have it. Lexa has several reasons to save Clarke of course – because she needs the allegiance of Wanheda to help keep the Coalition intact, for one. But also because hello, it’s Clarke. And Lexa loves Clarke. It is nonstop heart-eyes every second they’re alone together. Lexa is so transparent, and it’s adorable.

Yet, she manages to maintain her signature composure while Clarke rants a little more. Although tbf, this is nothing like the spitting incident from last episode, so I suppose she’s prepared for anything at this point. “You’re angry, Clarke, but I know you. What you’ve done haunts you, and it’s easier to hate me than to hate yourself.” She has now said “Clarke” at least twice. Stop it, you’re killing me!

And then Lexa presents her plan. “I want your people to become my people.”

Just so you know, this is a statement lifted almost right out of the book of Ruth (1:16-17) in the Bible, when Ruth vows to stay at Naomi’s side after her husband has died: “Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me.” So the worrisome death stuff aside, this is an iconic, historical example of one woman’s devotion to another. You think these writers aren’t drawing on that sort of resonance? Think again.

Also, this is not the only archetypal reference embedded in the Clarke / Lexa relationship. More to come on that point. Probably a lot more. Because we knew I was going to go literary eventually.

S3E38Oh, but then Lexa takes things a step too far: “Bow before me and your people will be safe.” Clark is all huffy, like “I will never bow to you” and “Go float yourself!”

But basically five minutes later, Clarke be like…


The ambassadors from the various clans gather in the throne room. Lexa is in her full death metal battle gear, looking like a BAMF. The delegate from the Ice Nation refuses to bow, claiming Heda should be bowing before the Ice Nation. Uh, no. Titus: “The Commander bows before no one.”

Remember how Clarke said, “I’m no one,” last episode? Yeah. Me too. Oh, y’all. They’re just toying with us now.

“If this is your weakness again, Azgeda will gladly step in.” OH NO HE DID NOT! Ummm… okay, so do you recall last season when Lexa confided in Clarke that she had lost someone special to her? Her girl Costia? The Ice Nation killed Costia, beheaded her no less, and sent Lexa her head. Can you even imagine how traumatic that must have been? So what this jerkface meant by “stepping in” was basically to kill Clarke. So they apparently know or suspect she has a thing for Clarke. Does everybody know? Do they really think they’re sneaky with all the longing looks?

S3E310And understandably, Lexa is super-pissed, especially after he went there. “Please come join me. Let us speak in private. I have a message for Queen Nia.”

Aaaand, she unceremoniously boots him off the balcony. “Would anyone else care to question my decisions?” Um, no. We’re all good here, Heda. Thanks. ::awkward silence::

P.S. That was the most badass thing ever. Perhaps I haven’t mentioned it before, but I absolutely love Lexa. She is my favorite character. (::whispering:: Sorry, Clarke. You’re cool too, but I can’t help it.)

Meanwhile, the people of Polis are just like “Oh yeah, another body falling off the tower. Heda’s at it again. Ho hum. Do you wanna trade that scrap metal for some BBQ snake? It’s pretty tasty this time of year.”

Wait, and all that went down before the credits. This episode just got started? Holy shit, but we are in for a roller coaster ride.

Kane, two guards, and Abby pause just outside Polis City Limits (next week on PBS, Grounder Adele sings the Grounder Anthem!) to argue, and to get rid of any suspicious Mountain-related souvenirs so as not to provoke anybody at the summit. Abby and Kane debate the use of the Mountain. Apparently the Arkers have moved an “exploratory group” of Farm Station survivors to live there. Okay, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say this was a terrible idea. Who made that happen? Lemme guess: Pike.

Kane kindly informs us that their agenda for the summit is to lift Lincoln’s kill order (yay!), open trade routes (meh), and try to get Clarke back (uhhh…) Oops. That was a real can of worms, Kane. Don’t remind Abby. Oh but he quickly backpedals and adds, “Clarke’s not a bargaining chip.” No, not at all.

Bellamy, Octavia, Gina, and Raven are at Mt. Weather. Bellamy wants to be at the summit but he was put on Mountain duty for being a dumbass last episode. His leg is still healing from his ill-fated non-plan to save Clarke singlehandedly from Roan in the midst of an advancing Ice Nation army. Yes, I’m seriously judging Bellamy this episode, and probably the next several.

Raven brags to everyone about her space walking exploits on the Ark when they stumble upon a party going on in the Mountain dining room. Complete with Motown-inspired jams. And okay I’m just going to say it. The head table looks like a “Last Supper” tableau, much like it did last season when everybody got irradiated there. Word to the wise: do not eat in the Mt. Weather dining room unless you want it to be your Last Supper.

Octavia wants no part of the Mountain nonsense. Pike makes some comment to Bellamy about Octavia being “spirited.” That is Misogynist for “little girly needs to mind her place.” Bellamy looks at him knowingly, like “Yeah, I know.” You’re gonna know, buddy. We’ve all seen the promo they released in December. Y’all gonna finally have it out, and I look forward to my front row seat.

Back at Polis Tower, Clarke looks pensively out over the city all Grumpy Clarke face. Roan pops up from nowhere and abruptly offers her the chance to kill Lexa. “I saw the look on your face when I took that hood off. You want revenge.” And he wasn’t even around for the spitting and the kicking / screaming finale.

Clarke seems uninterested at first, hesitant even. And then Roan hits us with some disturbing news that foreshadows some later events in the episode. Please note that we should now be really wary of everyone in Polis Tower. Just saying. Anyway, Roan tells her, “I’ve already bought enough of the guards to get you out of here. If you do, Azgeda will take control of the coalition.” Clarke thinks this is a sketchy plan, but at the same time, she doesn’t not-agree to kill Lexa. Knife scene imminent.

Bellamy and Octavia hang out at the Mountain tunnel entrance and shoot the breeze. Octavia talks about the fact that the Grounders will never accept the reopened Mountain. Why does no one listen to Octavia? Also, she wants go run off with Lincoln: “I don’t fit in here.” This is our poor dear Octavia in a nutshell. She has never felt she fits in anywhere because she was never a part of Ark society, and she got dumped as Indra’s second, so she wants a new start. Who can blame our girl?

While they’re sitting there, two Arkers (anti-Grounder Farm Station types) show up with Echo in tow. She says there’s an assassin threatening the summit. Bellamy says he has known this lady for all of two seconds last season so clearly she is trustworthy, despite being Ice Nation.

Cut to the assassin, who is super creepy and has Ice Nation makeup with blood contouring. Blood enhancements to your makeup job are apparently an Ice Nation Thing. It’s not a sexy look, if you ask me.

Bellamy assures Pike they can trust Echo. Sinclair and Pike argue about arming the Mountain’s missiles to defend against the Ice Nation because they don’t have the numbers in their favor. Bell suggests Gina should stay and help out with the missiles. Uhhh… She says, “Don’t do anything stupidly heroic.” What, Bellamy do something stupidly heroic? Never. And here beginneth this episode’s contribution to that great sci-fi tradition known as the Series of Bad Decisions.

Also, here is a great rule of thumb in this episode: Do not listen to Bellamy. People will die. He basically just handed the Mountain over to the Ice Nation. Umm… can we say shades of the betrayal at the Mountain all over again?

Meanwhile, the assassin does some bizarro ritual involving blood, a digital watch, and an Altoids box. The spearmint kind with the blue-green lid, not the peppermint kind. He cuts his own hand and bleeds into the Altoids box. Ice Nation customs are officially nuts.

S3E39Kane, Abby, and Crew enter Polis and are awed by the height of Polis Tower. As are we all. It is a full hectalexa tall. That is really tall. Also, apparently the stray bodies from Lexa’s morning meeting have been cleared away. It’s like at Disney when someone drops a paper cup. Out of nowhere someone in a uniform shows up, and it’s gone within 30 seconds. Same with the bodies at Polis Tower Drop Zone.

Kane proves himself to be quite the hip intercultural dude trying out the BBQ snake offered by a Polis merchant. Abby realizes Kane is a good diplomat and a visionary because he knows some Trigedasleng and is friendly with the locals. She offers him the Chancellor pin. They decide instead to have a legit election. So we’ll get Donald Trump / Ted Cruz (Pike) against Hilary (Abby) and Kane (Bernie Sanders). You heard it here first.

S3E33And wait… Did Indra just smile? Smiling Indra? Indra doesn’t smile. Also, Kane calls her “friend.” I am an instant fan of this friendship. But Abby is only about seeing Clarke again: “Thank you for ensuring my daughter’s safety.” Indra: “The Commander did that.” Hell yeah she did. You can almost see the Indra eye roll. I feel like Indra’s entire role in Lexa’s life is to just say “Hoe, don’t do it” and give mad side eye as Lexa does it anyway. Indra knows what’s up.

Next we find Lexa training Aden, a “Nightblood” (Aka, Commander trainee? That’s not ominous.) Lexa: “Aden is ready. He’s even better than I was before my conclave.” Huh? What’s a conclave? Is that a test of some sort? Good lord, but this whole thing is making me really nervous.

Titus speaks with Lexa alone and advises against the summit. But Lexa is all whatever about his sage advice. Titus isn’t having it, though: “Everything you do elevates her. Why?” Lexa gets all googly eyed and says, “Clarke elevates herself. She’s special.” Did her voice just crack a little when she said “she’s special”? Did her eyelids flutter in a particularly non-stoic way? I think they did.

Oh, girl, literally everyone knows you’ve got it bad for Clarke. Did anyone catch the bit above where I mentioned that Lexa said “She was special to me” talking about her ex Costia, the one who got killed by the Ice Nation? Oh dear. How can they make something both ridiculously adorable and horribly ominous at the same time? You’re killing me, The 100. Killing. Me.

Titus: If you want the power of Wanheda you know what must be done. You strike her down. Kill her. Take her power.

As if.

Oh and apparently Titus has a title: Fleimkepa. Flame keeper? Keeper of the flames of wisdom? I really like Trigedasleng. I am a Fleimkepa too – the Keeper of the Flame of Fictional Language Nerddom. Ask me about the grammar. Ask me. Full disclosure, my dream job is inventing languages for sci-fi / fantasy purposes.

At Mt. Weather Raven tries to find a code with a trillion possible combinations. No pressure there. Gina voluntarily goes to the president’s office just to see if the Wallaces might’ve left the code conveniently written down. Welcome to #2 in this episode’s Series of Bad Decisions.

Pike, Octavia, Bellamy, and Echo take a rover to the edge of Polis. They find two dead sky guards. Bell claims this proves that Echo was telling the truth. Ummm. How, exactly? Oh well. Echo offers to lead them into the city through the tunnels. Pike is suspicious. And for the first and maybe last time, I agree with him 100%.

Clarke sits on her fairly cushy-looking bed staring at the blade left by Roan’s people. She hides it under the furs when Lexa walks in. Lexa’s all innocently like, “You wanted to see me, I’m here.” And before we know it, we get The Knife Scene that has been troubling us since stills from S3 were released in the fall.

Clarke lunges at Lexa, holds the knife to her throat. We hear a heartbeat sound as Clarke just holds the knife there, looking at Lexa’s eyes, her lips, and again at the knife, trying to press it into her flesh, trying to ignore all the obvious sexual tension that’s happening right now. Lexa meets Clarke’s gaze. She won’t budge and whispers a breathless, “I’m sorry.”

Aaaaand… knifeplay over. Clarke can’t stand it. She stares into Lexa’s eyes and knows our girl meant the apology. Clarke then breaks down. Like we see tears forming and quivering lips and everything. The knife clatters definitively to the floor.

Lexa goes on, “I never meant to turn you into this. You’re free to go. Your mother is here. I’ll have you escorted to her.” Clarke turns away because she doesn’t want Lexa to see her emotions. And as important as Clarke is to the coalition and Lexa’s plan, she’s willing to just let her go. Kill me now, okay. I can’t handle all these feelings I’m having about fictional queers.

“Wait,” says Clarke. “I have a better idea.” Oh, oh, I know! :::raises hand::: I know what that the better idea is! Look, there’s a bed right there. But Clarke’s idea is probably way more boring than my idea. Fine.

Abby and Kane wait for Clarke in what will turn out to be Lexa’s room. I know this from being a nerd on Twitter. So, uhh, what’s that weird welded metal birdcage chair suspended from a chain? And what’s with the unnecessarily elaborate candlelit bed in the background? Umm… don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here cackling because I know… I KNOW they will be using this set again. You don’t build a set this detailed and never use it again. Lexa has a pimp style room by Grounder standards. We will definitely, for sure see it again… As God is my witness, there will be a Clexa love scene. And it will be Very. Emotional. Mark my words.

Oh wait, sorry. I got distracted. So the Clarke and Abby reunion. Right. Clarke awkwardly hugs Abby and then immediately becomes Business Clarke. I guess a week of decent food, a cushy bed, and (three cheers!) a bath or two has made Clarke more rational. She’s back to her usual take-charge self again. I’m glad. Surly spitting Clarke was starting to wear down my love for her.

She informs them of the Ice Nation’s plans to take over the Coalition and presents the 13th Clan idea. Abby’s skeptical, like “What does that mean? That we follow Lexa?” I mean, sure, yeah. They’ll “follow Lexa.” Clarke doesn’t have Lexa wrapped around her little finger or anything, right?

Meanwhile, Kane, who is now a big Trikru fangirl, says, “I’ve seen the Ice Nation army, and we don’t stand a chance against them.” So, 13th clan it is, I guess.

It’s already ceremony time? That was fast. It kicks off with a rousing rendition of the Grounder Anthem. Clarke bursts through the door all dramatic-like in Grounder formalwear – aka an unnecessarily hot dress, given the solemn occasion – and enters the throne room delivering full Grounder glam, walking a red carpet. (Lexa earlier that day: “Indra, we need a red carpet. Scour the countryside! Dye it yourself if you have to. My Clarke will walk a red carpet!”)


Throughout the following sequence we get a lot of intercutting between the ceremony and the Bellamy Adventure Squad finding the elevator shaft, gratuitously killing dudes, etc.

Oh, and when Lexa sees Clarke in her outfit and grounder hair and sexily modified warpaint, woah! Lexa takes a really deep breath, because she forgot how to breathe at first. Heart eyes are now just blatant thirst eyes.

Meanwhile, Assassin guy does the Altoid box blood ritual some more and vows to do the assassinating for his family. I guess he lost some people to the Mountain? But really, who didn’t?

More Lexa thirst eyes, accompanied by heavy breathing. And sure enough, Clarke bows. I will not make a joke here about “going down.” No, I will not. I’m way too classy for that and will not be persuaded to say such crude things.


More Bellamy and Pike Adventure Crew fighting the … elevator operators? I give you #28 in the Series of Bad Decisions.

Everybody sees Wanheda bow to regular Heda. Mission accomplished. Roan looks around in a sketchy manner and bows too. Then everyone else bows. Basically, there’s a lot of bowing. It looks way too planned.

Octavia to Bellamy re: the elevator dudes: “You didn’t have to kill them.” Bell: “Yeah I did.” Uh, so Bellamy is just killing Grounders for funsies now. I fear to think what happens when he finds out…

Echo informs them that since they killed the elevator operators, they have to climb up a height of 96 decalexas, or nearly an entire hectalexa. That’s really high. A Lexa is 5’7”, in case you were wondering.

Back at the ceremony, Lexa is still having her Wanheda bowing moment. “Hail warriors of the twelve clans.” They respond: “Hail, Commander of the Blood.” Commander of the Bood? I have a feeling this will make more sense soon, and I’m kinda scared of what it will mean.

Lexa continues: “We welcome Clarke kom Skaikru, legendary Wanheda, Mountain Slayer.” Mountain Slayer. I like it. But I have a history of liking blonde / brunette Slayers with ambiguous relationships. So this should come as no surprise at all.

Apparently to join the coalition, the leader has to bear the mark. All the sudden Abby is really happy for Kane to be the leader. He volunteers to take the mark of the coalition, aka a red hot brand. Branding is big in Grounder culture. That sizzle means it’s working!

So then the Adventure Squad busts into the ceremony. Wait, they climbed up that entire hectalexa building in like 3 minutes? That can’t be right… ::sigh:: Anyway…

They ruin the ceremony to let everybody know the summit is under attack. Lexa: “How did you come by this information?” To which Octavia is all, “Where the hell is Echo?” Uh oh. Y’all got double crossed by Echo. The list of Bad Decisions just got longer.

The assassin’s watch beeps, so the Altoid Blood Rite is complete. He gets up to start assassinating, and it’s only then that we realize he is loose in the Mountain. Oh shit. Echo seriously screwed them over, way worse than we thought.

Raven and friends still can’t access the missiles, and our sweet mechanic is obviously in pain. Sinclair gives her a pep talk and tells her to get the surgery she keeps avoiding. “The Raven Reyes I know doesn’t give up.” Raven: “What if I’m just broken?” Oh, honey, no. You’re America’s sweetheart. “Let Raven Reyes be happy 2k16” – everybody chant it with me!

Gina is on the radio in the President’s office telling them she can’t find the code. The assassin shows up and stabs her multiple times in the abdomen, Game of Thrones Red Wedding style. It’s that ugly, y’all. He then opens the desk and gets a keypad to pop up, punches in a code. And holy crap – it’s set for self-destruct! He’s going to destroy the Mountain. Oh shit. Bellamy is going to flip the eff out because this is all his fault.

Gina manages to get to the radio and tells Raven what happened. Sinclair goes after the assassin. Raven hauls ass the best she can with her unwieldy leg brace. Gina says they have 45 seconds. Sinclair tangles outside with the assassin and manages to hold the dude off long enough so Raven the Hero shoots him. Gina can’t undo the code because she’s dead. Mt. Weather blows up. The Farm Station people there are all dead. So is Gina.

And if we thought Bellamy was being irrational lately, hell is gonna have no fury after this… Yikes.

Basically the ceremony has descended into chaos. Octavia finds out about the Mountain from Raven on the radio. Raven is crying and blaming herself. I want to hug poor Raven. Bellamy is about to click on everybody, and Kane tells him to stand down.

The Ice Nation delegate takes this opportunity to insult Lexa some more, saying she was too weak to do what needed to be done. And yeah, he calls her Lexa, not Heda or Commander. Because Ice Nation is basically full of disrespectful, double-crossing a-holes. So that’s fully established now. The Ice Nation unredeemably sucks.

Lexa declares, “This is an act of war. Sentries, arrest the Ice Nation delegation. Including the Prince.” It is on now, y’all.

Indra to Octavia: “I hope you’ve kept up your training.” Does this mean the beginning of an Octavia / Indra reconciliation and Octavia gets to resume being a war goddess? I hope so. Because machete-ing her enemies without mercy really fits Octavia’s brand.

Meanwhile, the Bellarke ship is sinking hardcore.

Bellamy: Clarke, we need to leave now.

Lexa: We need an ambassador from the 13th clan to stay here in Polis.

Bellamy: Clarke, it’s not safe here.

Lexa: Clarke will be safe here under my protection.

Bellamy: ::murder face at Lexa::

Clarke to Abby: I have to make sure she keeps her word. Right, nothing to see here. No sexual tension and wanting to explore my feelings for Lexa. Nope. Not a factor. Not at all.

Titus says they must convene a war council immediately.

Clarke: I’ll be right there.

Character regression alert. Bellamy looks like pissy jerk Season 1 Bellamy with his pissy baby jerk face. He talks about Lexa and the betrayal and “She will always put her people first. You should come home to yours.” All Clarke says is “I’m sorry.” Y’all, that is just what Lexa said on the Mountain after taking the deal. Bam.

So here’s the significance of that exchange: Bellamy did sell out the Mountain. To Echo. By trusting her. So he let a lot of “our people” get killed. Clarke’s going to leave him to answer for it. “I’m sorry,” but I’ve made a deal with Lexa. Like the whole Mountain scenario from the end of Season 2 but turned on its head. Dang.

Clarke turns to Lexa. They nod to each other. Like they have discussed all this beforehand. Yes. It’s a deal. And Bellamy ain’t in on it. Sorry, dude.

So the war council happens, presumably.

And then… AND THEN we see Lexa in a candlelit room, shades of the romantic birthday cake scene in Sixteen Candles. She’s wearing her normal battle gear a la Season 2. Clarke as well. It’s our good ol’ Clarke and Lexa again. Looking their badass selves.

Lexa, like the second Titus is out the door: Thank you for staying.

Clarke: I stayed because it was the right thing for my people.

Lexa: Our people.

Clarke: If you betray me again…

Lexa doesn’t even let her finish her sentence: I won’t.

And then Lexa bows down on her knees. On her knees. Bows. Down. To Clarke.

Wait – what? Whhhaaattt? I can’t even. What? Whaaaat? I was biting on the sleeve of my hoodie at this point, unable to form coherent words other than variations on “Whatttt?” muffled by the fact that I was chewing on my own sleeve.

Lexa, Commander of the 12 13 Clans. On her damn knees. Kneeling. Like on both knees. This is so significant. And unexpected. And romantic as all get-out. I can’t deal with this.

And then she says it.

“I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own and your people as my people.” She never breaks eye contact with Clarke the whole time. Be still, my poor little gay heart.


Fealty, y’all. FEALTY!

  1. a : the fidelity of a vassal or feudal tenant to his lord b:  the obligation of such fidelity
  2. intense fidelity

It’s gonna be nothing but intense fidelity all night long. I’m dying over here. Her fidelity is very intense. I’m pretty sure I actually stopped breathing. I can’t even… No… what’s going on?


Clarke pauses, offers Lexa her hand (!!!!!!) Lexa pauses, incredulous at first. But then she takes Clarke’s hand. She has literally lowered herself before Clarke, and Clarke pulls her up. Elevates her, if you will.

They stand, still looking into each other’s eyes. Equals. Probably still holding hands. Just go with me on that. They are definitely still holding hands.

Cut to commercial. What? No. NO. We don’t get to see…? Uhhhhhggggghhh.

And I get up and run around the living room still going, “What?… Whaaattt? Wait… what just happened?” I mean, did they get Grounder married or something? That sounded kind of like wedding vows. I mean, she said “vow.”

Holy. Hell.

S3E315Y’all… y’all… Two young, powerful women. One who is the main character of the whole show. They are giving us the main ‘ship treatment here. The kind usually reserved for a guy-girl relationship. I have never seen a show on a major network do this. Much less on a show aimed primarily at younger audiences. This. Is. Huge. This is huger than all of us. This might be the single greatest moment of TV I have ever witnessed.

Plus it was freaking romantic as hell. :::swoon::: I am a Lexa at heart. I worship my beloved, so I was honestly very moved by this scene. It felt very real to me.

And I’m gonna be honest. I have never been interested in a show for the romance aspect. Not really. I’m starting to realize that this is because I’ve never seen a fully realized f/f romance on a genre show. I gravitated to sci-fi as a young person specifically because it rarely if ever featured romantic relationships, at least back then. So I could just enjoy the story without a bunch of crap that didn’t pertain to me. But now, after having seen this show, I think it was just that my brain had to translate everything into gay, and it wasn’t appealing to have to do that. Now all of a sudden, I am super into a romantic pairing on a show. The only thing close to this was maybe Willow/Tara on Buffy, which was innovative for the time. Or maaaaybe Xena / Gabrielle, although that was 99.5% subtext.

Also, I have a whole ‘nother special post about exactly how romantic it is on The 100. Let’s just say there’s an analysis of Clarke / Lexa in the context of the Medieval courtly romance tradition waiting in the wings. Plus some other assorted literary analyses. So stay tuned for that.

But oh crap, there’s still a few minutes of show left after the final barrage of ads during which I definitely did not recover from that Clexa scene. But oh, hell. The summit delegates from the 12 clans are standing around in the woods, murmuring. Echo shows up with a message for the Ice Queen. She bows. Nia turns around. We see her for the first time. She looks like an Ice Queen for sure, with all the requisite Ice Nation scarring and bitchiness. I’m scared.

Echo: You got your war, thanks to the last Mountain Man.

And there he is – Emerson! The only survivor of Mt. Weather, its military commander, the one who offered the deal to Lexa. He survived because he was the only one who had gotten the full blood treatment to be able to go outside without getting irradiated. I knew it! And there’s his douchey face, all smirking like before.

The Ice Queen: And what about Clarke?

Echo: By the Commander’s side, as predicted.

Echo goes on to inform Nia that Roan is imprisoned. The Ice Queen replies, “Soon he will be free, and Lexa will be dead.”

Oh. Hell no. You do not threaten my homegirls like that. Couldn’t we have just ended on that nice moment with the gals looking googly eyes at each other? Ugh.

This episode was sponsored by the law firm of Jaha, Murphy, and No Appearances by Either of Them. Savor that, because I bet it won’t happen again. Alas.

Best Line: I mean… no contest. Come on. “I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own. And treat your people as my people.” This might be the best line of any show ever. I’m still dying, by the way.

Best Hair: Clarke’s new grounder ‘do for the bowing ceremony.

Worst hair: The 3-4 remaining pink dreads from Clarke’s punk / feral Grounder wannabe phase.

Injured: Still poor Raven – will this child ever catch a break? I want to adopt her and get her into some therapy.

Death: Balcony Dropkick Ice Nation Dude, sweet Gina, Elevator Guard dudes, Arker guards in the truck who got slaughtered by the Ice Nation, and assorted Farm Station people who were hopefully not Monty’s mom.

Wet t-shirts: None this episodes. Substitute Lexa and Clarke’s Grounder red carpet-ready looks at the ceremony.

Queerness Quotient: This show is so gay. So very gay. It cannot contain all its gay because there is simply so much of it. All the gay is happening on this show. I have seen all of the L-Word, and the “fealty” scene was easily still the gayest thing I have ever seen on television.

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  1. I just bookmarked your page because your recap is now REQUIRED reading each week. Awesomeness, just plain awesomeness.

    • EB

      February 9, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      Hey, thanks so much. I’m slowly working on recapping the whole series, but I’m doing S3 as the episodes are broadcast. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I love your recap! You now have another new reader. 🙂

    By the way, I love how we all saw this as a wedding, haha. I had that thought even from the moment Clarked started walking (down the aisle!) towards Lexa. Haha. Of course my mind understands Lexa’s words weren’t wedding vows, but to reassure Clarke of her loyalty. But it was beautiful, and so romantic. <3

    And I didn't know that the room Abby and Kane were waiting in, was Lexa's. So nice of her to use her room, her private room (I mean, it's Heda's room!), for their meeting with Clarke. I guess it just shows how much she cares for her.

    I actually trusted Echo… haha. I hope this isn't the last we see of her. I think it won't. 🙂 I do want to see her meeting with Bellamy at some point, it could be an interesting relationship.

    • That bed in the room where they were looks an awful lot like Lexa’s bed. But I’ll have to take another look.

      Thanks for reading! These are fun to write.

      The bow (even after the leakage this past week from a future episode): still the gayest thing to ever happen on The 100, or maybe all tv.

  3. Hi… I belatedly discovered your recaps after reading your heartfelt Episode 7 recap earlier today. So much heart and soul was poured into that recap. Your eloquent writing style caused me to go back and read your recaps of earlier episodes. This one was magnificent. You’re almost an oracle in some of the cautious predictions that you made here and in the Episode 2 recap. I was also struck by the Book of Ruth analogy of the “bow” and the very gayness of this episode. One can almost reach out and touch the on-screen chemistry between Eliza Taylor and Alycia DC. I don’t doubt that these two women had to take cold showers after their scenes together.

    My reaction to Lexa’s death wasn’t as heartfelt as so many fans (former now) of the show. Perhaps because I’m older and African American and have seen my share of the black-dude-dies-first trope. Remember Wells Jaha? Or perhaps I’ve become immune after the Xena: Warrior Princess finale fiasco (my all-time favorite show). Also, since Alycia DC is off chasing zombies, I wasn’t necessarily surprised. But the timing and manner of Lexa’s death, I totally agree with you. Total bullshit. I will say this. I’ll finish out this season because I want to see Pike and ALIE 1 get what’s coming to them, hopefully. But, with Lexa gone (and she was also my FAVORITE character on the show.. with Octavia being a close second) unless something drastic happens that will compel me to stick with the show, this is my last season. Also, if Bellarke happens before the finale, I won’t make it to the finale.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

    • EB

      March 9, 2016 at 9:44 pm

      Yes I would trade Jasper or maybe Murphy for Wells any day of the week. He was a good dude. I think there would’ve been a Wells / Finn / Clarke love triangle if they’d kept him in S1, which might’ve been lame, and we know she would’ve chosen stupid Finn because Wells was so nice and devoted. My thinking on Wells is that they offed him early in S1 to send us a message: don’t get attached to anyone – we’re the edgy sort of show that will kill people you like. They set him up as a seemingly lead guy and then poof. We should’ve listened and realized what he was telling us because that’s what he did to us with Lexa too.

      Also like Jroth’s faulty idea of a “post sexuality world” on the 100, he also – I’ll assume – believes in he’s portraying a post-racial world of the future. And we both know what a crock that is – plus, once again, The 100 does not exist in a vaccuum. You can’t do shitty representation and not expect people to revolt eventually. I’m sorry to say there are rumblings that Lincoln may not make it through this season. I don’t know how true those rumblings are, but if they kill another poc on this show (and the characterization of Pike and Jaha are both… problematic anyway, to me) there’s gonna be an even bigger fandom flipout like they’ve never seen. If it happens, watch this space for me to go tf off because I will.

      Thanks for your kind words, friend.

      • You are very welcome. I have heard of Lincoln’s impending death as well. I have always held an air of doom about that guy because of his almost Gandhian philosophy in a chaotic world. And yes, if he bites it (and I assume so because of the trailer that shows O beating the shit out of Bell), he’ll be the last of the main men-of-color leads to die that wasn’t a major douche. I certainly hope that they aren’t stupid enough to kill Indra anytime soon.

        I have read probably a dozen articles, blogs and recaps on “Thirteen.” Your’s was the best, by the way. This has been my way of processing, I suppose. Like you, I came into the fandom after watching both seasons one and two on Netflix. I don’t particularly identify with ET and ADC because I’m old enough to be their mamma. But I loved the chemistry and the obvious slow-burning love story. Thus, this is the first Thursday since season three aired that I’m not chomping at the bit for 9 p.m. to get here. Like I said before, I will watch, but my enthusiasm has sunk like the “Bitanic.” I’m going to continue to go back and read your earlier recaps. They are so enjoyable. If you’ve truly checked out, I totally respect that. I don’t know what your plan is for Lexa’s last appearance in the CoL (I’ve stayed away from spoilers, so I’m clueless about what’s happening there), but would be very interested on your take after it airs, if you’re so inclined.


        • EB

          March 10, 2016 at 11:30 am

          Thanks once again, Val. I’m not sure what my plans are re: the finale either. I’ve read the spoilers, and I don’t like what I’ve read. They appear to be taking this show in the most conventional, non-progressive direction possible on all fronts, and it just frustrates me. Reading my posts as you are, you know what fun I’ve had with this show and how much I – up to this point – liked its portrayals of LGBT life. It is still just shocking to me to feel this big empty space where all that fun was. As far as C & L being young, yes it’s true. I’m also old enough to be their mama too, but I work with people the age the characters are supposed to be (college students) and I deal with their struggles every day. It’s hard for me not to identify. As I remarked at a few different points, it felt like the show really got f/f relationships, or at least the actresses really did a fantastic job portraying it. The emotion they conveyed even with just a little bit of eye work captured the subtlety of f/f love. And Lexa’s devotion felt very much like what I feel for my fiance. So I just, for lack of a better expression, fell in love with them. I wouldn’t have said that two weeks ago, but my reaction to them ending was way stronger than I could’ve ever predicted. On the poc front, if they kill Lincoln – or Indra, god I love Indra – I will blow a gasket. I probably won’t quit posting on T100 and/or matters of representation. I just don’t have the heart to watch with the intensity that I would have before, and I’m not supporting the show anymore. I’m still debating whether to continue watching at all. Thanks for reading my stuff. You’re good people and I know we’d enjoy a nice chat over coffee irl. 🙂

          • I “fell in love” with them too. It was quite easy. The brewing physical attraction and eventual love, that I believe started for Lexa at first sight and for Clarke in “Bodyguard of Lies,” was so palpable and organic that it was hard not to fall in love with these two characters. As I was telling my wife yesterday, I’ve not felt this level of devotion toward two television characters since Xena and Gabrielle. And anyone who knows me knows that’s saying A LOT. 🙂

            I bet we’d have a nice chat over coffee as well, except that I don’t drink coffee. Hot chocolate totaller here.

  4. So after last night’s Game of Thrones, I couldn’t help but be struck by the parallels between Lexa’s fealty pledge to Clarke and Brienne’s to Lady Sansa ( ), and suddenly had a hankering to read your analysis of Clarke/Lexa as courtly romance. Is that still something in the works? (Please?!?)

    • EB

      May 3, 2016 at 3:10 pm

      I’m a little too sad to look into that at the moment. Maybe at some point. I think I’m going to have to take stock of this whole thing again after 3×16. Plus I’m at the end of a long semester right now and am in the final planning stages of a study abroad program I am leading starting next week. But I haven’t forgotten.

      • Thanks, I get that. I’ve been quite disillusioned with the second half of the season – even apart from the loss of Lexa and Clarke’s relationship with her – and 3X16 is probably the last episode I’ll watch. But I still hope you’ll provide us with some overview Clexa insights after the season’s done (and when you have the time, obviously!).

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